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We are pleased to offer Pikeur's fine line of riding apparel.



We are really exited to offer Eskadron's new lines; horseware, boots and saddlery accessories.


   Big Sale on Pikeur and Eskadron Products!







 Ovation Riding Clothes

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Mountain Horse

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 Horsemen's Pride  Maker   of tack trunks and the Jolly Pets products to ward off boredom.    This company offers a wide variety  of stable items that hold up well to Alaska's climate.

Nuu Med and Griffin Saddle Pads  These wool saddle pads provide for excellent fitting and comfort for any horse due to the various ranges of products available.         

After doing an extensive amount of research, we have determined the Cortaflex is the best joint supplement available today.

Arista offers many style of riding apparel that are stylish and affordable.

  We have added the following product lines to serve you better:

Weatherbeeta, On Course, Dublin, Crosby Saddles, Wintec Saddles, Bates Saddles, SSG Gloves, Goode Rider Apparel and Classic Cover-Ups, Romfh, Henri De Rivel, Platinum , Signma, Tuff Rider,Jaipur Polo Co.Toggi Footwear, Masta Blankets and Tailored Sportsman to name just a few.  Keep checking this site for updates and sales.

Since it's winter blanket time, check out all our great lines!



We now carry blankets for "MINIs" and DRAFTS . Check out Classic-Cover-Ups.


We hope to bring Alaskans the latest styles for horse and rider.  If you are looking for that "special hard to find" item, let us know. 


About Our Products                 


Our goal is to bring quality tack to Alaska at the best possible prices.  We are currently approved dealers for many fine horseware, saddlery and riding apparel companies.  We will meet or beat catalogue prices on most items. Our posted prices include shipping charges on most items.  Please understand that our company depends on orders from Alaskans.  In order to keep prices down we order directly from the various vendors.  Sometimes orders are shipped immediately, but sometimes there is a delay, especially in the case of imported items.  Please be patient and order in advance. 

We are in the process of putting together a catalogue of all of the items we sell.  Our goal is the offer the catalogue online as well as in print and CD format.  In the meantime, here is a partial list of the products we carry.  We are always adding more to better serve you.  We have tried to include the websites for the products we carry.  Feel free to browse their online catalogues and then let us know what you'd like to order. We also won't feel bad if you find what you want in another catalog and order from us!  If they stock it we can probably get it for you.

 If you don't see what you're looking for here, contact us as we can get you almost anything at a reduced cost !

Click on any link below to view specific products!  

Saddlery and Strap Goods: Beval, Prestige, Amerigo, Pessoa, Crosby, Thornhill, Ainsley, Nunn Finer, Thorowgood, Otto Schumacher, Vespucci Bridles, Cottage Craft, Wintec, Bates, Henri DeRivel, Collegiate, Jaguar, Duett, L'Apogee, Henry DeRivel, Karl Neidersuss, L'Apogee, Cardanel, Keith Bryan and Northrun, Barnsby

Bits: Mikmar, Happy Mouth, Myler

Saddle Pads: Fleeceworks, Nuu Med, Toklat, Medallion, Classic III, Masta, Eskadron

Riding Apparel and Outerwear: Mountain Horse, Harry Hall, Arista, Eurofit, Romfh, Dublin, Tropical Rider, Ovation, GPA Helmets, Rambo, Pikeur, IRH Helmets, Irredeon, T-De-T Paris, Konig Boots,SSG Gloves, Goode Rider, Platinum ,Sigma, Tuff Rider,Jaipur Polo Company, Tailored Sportsman

Horse Clothing: Horseware of Ireland (Rambo, Rhino), Triple Crown, Masta, Jammies Horse Apparel, Equine Textiles, Eurofit, Eskadron, Weatherbeeta, Classic Cover-Ups, Masta Blankets

Horse Boots: Old Mac's, Pegasus, Eskadron, Woof, Beval, T-De-T Paris

Misc. Items: Cortaflex Supplements, Oster and Wahl Clippers, Wendals Herbs, Carr, Day and Martin Grooming Products, Wonder Wips       



BZ Natural






Beval Saddlery

Beval stands for quality, they have numerous saddle types and styles. Introducing the new BZ Natural.  They also carry beautiful bridles and other saddlery products.

Check out our sale on Beval products.



Prestige Saddlery

Prestige saddlery is made in Italy of the finest leathers.  Featured are their newest saddles, The Galileo dressage saddle and the Nona Garson elite jumping saddler.  They also have a beautiful line of bridles and other accessories.

All Prestige products are on sale!


          Otto Schumacher

Otto Schumacher is the maker of fine saddles and bridles.

Featured is the Comfort Dressage model.  All O.S.   products are on sale!   Sorry the text is in German but there are great photos of the products!


   Thorowgood Saddles

We're very impressed with these synthetic saddles.  Fuller-figured, fine and slender or somewhere in between… whatever his type, every horse needs to feel comfortable. There is a Thorowgood saddle that suits his unique body shape and follows every curve and contour of his back. Their new Conform accessories are also tailored to your horses conformation.  They have a new line of jumping and dressage saddles that are reasonably prices.








 Thornhill Saddlery

Thornhill offers a wide variety of products that are reasonably priced.  These include saddles, bridles, strap goods, helmets, apparel, stable supplies and we can get them all for you.  This is an excellent line of products we are very proud to carry.                                                                                                 

 The photo shows the Pro-Trainer 24k deemed to be the most comfortable jumping saddle made. Thornhill also distributes the following lines: Germania, Equine Athletics, Pro-Trainer, Pro-Am, Veredus Horse Boots, and Shannon Saddlery and Strap goods.  Of course, we can get them all for you at discounted prices.


Pessoa Saddles

 Pessoa Saddles are regarded as amongst the best made and following the lead set by Rodrigo Pessoa (3 Times World Cup Show jumping Champion).  The Pessoa company now offers a variety of saddles for every discipline including the Pessoa range of jumping saddles, the ANKY dressage saddle and the Blythe Tait eventing saddles which is pictures here. Call us for great deals on this wonderful line of saddles.






GPA Helmets


We currently have both the Titanium and Textium helmets on sale.  Check out our specials.

GPA Link


Tropical 'Rider


We now have "toasties"on sale! Go to the Tropical Rider Page on the Navigation Bar !

---------------------------------------- Grand Prix Coats and Products are on sale! 



      Konig Boots  ---     

 Dressage and Field


 Old Mac's Boots



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  $ 135.00 a pair !

-----------------------------Pegasus Air Boots


 These boots are wonderful, in conservative and wild jungle patterns.  Click here  We're running a sale on these boots so check out our sale prices!


  ProJump ® Sure Grip Aerospace Aluminum Stirrup Pads

 ProJump ® Sure Grip Aerospace Aluminum Stirrup Pads. These pads are the latest used by the top professionals.  $32.00


  Nunn Finer offers a very large line of leather saddlery products as well as other items including Poly Pads.  These pads are great and have been used in Britain and around the world.


  International Riding Helmets

 These helmets offer an economical alternative to other helmets on the market.

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 Harry Hall is back, although the full line is not available in the U.S.A., we can get you a wide range of products